Isinglass Cleaning & Restoration

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Isinglass Cleaning & Restoration South Florida

Isinglass is the general name used for your boats clear plastic windows.  Isinglass is very sensitive to scratches from abrasive materials & harsh cleaners.  Using everyday household cleaners Will Damage the sensitive plastic, and paper towels or other non-mircofiber towels Will scratch your isinglass, so be extremely cautious. Be sure to check with a professional for the proper products and procedures to ensure clear sightlines for both you and your passengers for years to come.

isinglass restoration

Non Maintained Isinglass

isinglass restoration

Isinglass Restored

We first hand wash with fresh microfiber cloths to remove the dirt and salt.  We then select a polish specifically formulated for isinglass restoration then apply and buff.   The process involves many repetitive wipings in both vertical and horizontal directions and may require removal of the panels from the boat and machine polishing.   The procedures we employ will also remove most ultraviolet (a yellow/brown discoloration) damage unless the discoloration has permeated the vinyl to such an extent that replacement is required.  Never use alcohol, ammonia, RainX or any other chemicals on your isinglass as they will accelerate discoloration, degradation and promote drying leading to tearing and cracking.  We recommend and use only Plexus as part of routine maintenance to protect and keep isinglass supple.

YOLO Yacht Services offers free estimates, for Isinglass Cleaning & Restoration at reasonable prices and ongoing personalized maintenance plans.  Let us do the hard work and take the drudgery out of your life.  When the day arrives when you decide to sell, show your service records to prospective buyers to let them know YOU CARED! Contact us today for a free no hassle estimate!

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