Approach all procedures from the most efficient least aggressive standpoint


• Clean and De-Wax
• Pressure clean
• Acid wash waterline
• Enviro friendly hull cleaner, pressure clean, other
• General brush wash/chamois dry
• Spot clean: rust, exhaust, black streaks, etc
• Wet sand by hand or R/O sander
• Compound
• Polish
• Wax or Sealant (2 coats at waterline)
• Wax engines
• Rinse off and chamois

Topside Gelcoat

Wash/Chamois dry
Spot clean
Remove/reduce rust, stains, etc
Wet sand
Machine compound
Hand or machine polish
Wax or Sealant

• Spray treat wash
• Brush wash’n dry
• Apply protectant

Eisenglass, Strataglass, Polycarbonates                                                                        
• Rinse
• Hand wash (no brushes!)
• Polish – gently buff by hand or machine (if restoring)
• Apply protectant (Plexus) buff gently
• Eisenglass restoration may require removal, Flitz and drill/ ball buffer
• Achieve optical clarity, water repulsion, UV and salt protection
• Educate owner re scratching, avoiding suntan lotions, avoiding household cleaners, etc.

Hard Glass Windows
• Wash and dry
• Restoration:light to severe etching with water spots and mineral deposits:
• polish with 0000 bronze wool on clean dry untinted glass or machine polish
• Apply water repellent and buff
• Achieve lasting optical and hydrophobic clarity
• Anti fog application/buff for interior glass

Exposed Rubber and Foam Gaskets
• Wash gently and dry
• Vaseline or similar applied with fingertip

• Tower legs and arms
• Outriggers
• Metal rub rails
• Cleats
• Chocks
• Bollards
• Window frames
• Snaps (dremel, brush, Chapstick…may require removal-epoxy-drill-replace)
• Anchor
• Anchor roller assembly and guard
• Railings and mounts
• Stanchions
• Fittings
• Ports
• Controls
• All metal surfaces
• Stainless
• Chrome
• Bronze (leave patina? ask owner)
• Brass (leave patina? ask owner)
• Aluminum
• Anodized Aluminum – Determine degree of pitting – abrasive rubbing will remove anodizing


Use 303 Products, mild dish soap

HARMFUL/AVOID these products:  Goo B Gone, Formula 409, Simple Green, , ArmorAll, , Son-of-a-Gun, degreasers, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Roll-Off, bleach, baking soda, tar remover, acetone, silicone or petroleum based products, or other harmful cleaners.

• Rinse
• Brush with cleaner using soft/medium brush to avoid raising wood fibers
• Finishing: Sand 2 to 4 grits
• Oil
• Varnish
*may require removal /off site procedure
**ask owner what he wishes to achieve (natural grey or shiny, oil or varnish) and products he prefers

• Clean the heads, showers, shine fixtures
• Wipe down entire interior
• Clean and polish all wood
• Clean windows and mirrors
• Clean blinds and curtains
• Clean out all cabinets, drawers, storage areas, hanging lockers and compartments
• Wipe down, brush off vacuum and spot clean all cushions and pads above and beneath
• Vacuum and sweep all flooring. Spot clean carpet. Consider shampooing.
• Micro vacuum small spaces
• Clean and freshen refrigerator and freezer
• Clean stove and burners
• Wipe down bilges
• Clean thru-hulls, strainers, and other fittings
• Use least aggressive cleaners if possible (peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, etc.)
• Special instructions from owner