Compound And Waxing

 We use the most efficient least aggressive approach to compounding product, technique and application.  We formulate our compounding products as necessary.  We prefer not to apply wax until wet sanding and/or compounding achieves as flawless a surface as possible.  Anything less will promote the premature reappearance of that chalky oxidation residue.  We are glad to offer a free on-site analysis.  And if you cannot be there we will send you our report at no charge.


  • Super cutting compound:  aggressive compound to remove up to 600-grit scratches and chalky oxidation
  • Gelcoat compound:  Preferred for removing  P800 or finer scratches andP1000 or finer scratches from wet sanding
  • Cutting polish :  For medium to light oxidation incorporating diminishing abrasives which round out to help polish away scratches and swirls.
  • Cutting polish light: Less aggressive for light oxidation and very minor surface imperfections.
  • Ultra polish:  removes minor imperfections, compounding marks and light oxidation from newer boat surfaces
  • Waxes: We use and recommend waxes containing at least 18% carnauba without any silicon
  • Sealers:  These products are plastic coverings often requiring 3-5 coats applied in ideal weather conditions.  Over time they can discolor and future spot treatment re-application may not offer uniformity of color.


Gelcoat aesthetic and protection services offered:

  • Diagnostics and plan
  • Complete surface cleaning and contaminants removal
  • Wet sanding
  • Machine application of custom-selected compound.
  • Machine removal of the compound
  • Machine application of the polish or glaze
  • Machine removal of the polish or glaze
  • Machine-applied wax or hand applied sealer
  • Hand-buffing of wax


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