Services Overview

General Washing:

  • Complete wash down of entire yacht above waterline using surface appropriate soap, brushes and sponges
  • Clean cockpit hatches, fish boxes, drawers, tackle station and lockers
  • All fiberglass, paint, isinglass, polycarbonates, teak and metal are dried to prevent water spots.

General Washing Plus:

Additional services which may include

  • Isinglass and Strataglass polishing/restoration for optical clarity
  • Hard Glass mineral deposit removal/de-etching and application of a hydrophobic barrier for optical clarity
  • Metal cleaning and protectant applications
  • Ongoing mold and mildew treatment
  • Exposed rubber gaskets and foam seals¬† protection
  • Bilge cleaning
  • Engine room cleaning
  • Teak cleaning
  • Rust removal / reduction which may include removal, epoxy, re-drill and re-installation of new stainless hardware (screws, nuts, washers, etc)


Wet Sanding


Interiors: We offer a full all-surfaces meticulous interior cleaning service emphasizing eco friendly products

Teak/Varnish: We use a variety of products to clean, seal or sand your teak for the appearance you desire

Bottom Cleaning:

Zinc Replacements: We recommend changing the zinc on your thrusters with greater frequency

Engine room detailing/painting:

Gelcoat Repair: